Suzanne Sanders

Photo: Hans Scholten

Suzanne Sanders (1995) is a Dutch singer-songwriter. Suzanne writes her own songs, sings and plays guitar. Her music is extraordinary and intimate. Mystic dream pop music with melancholic harmonies and metaphorical lyrics. Suzanne's songs are little mysterious stories. Suzanne has a unique clear voice coated by a natural vibrato with a vocal range of almost four octaves. She is often compared to well-known artists like: Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush.

At the age of nine Suzanne started singing. She first sang in a choir and later on she started with musical singing lessons. Alongside singing, musical and theatre became a great passion. At the age of seventeen Suzanne took ballet and musical lessons and played in the production of a Midsummer Night's Dream. In the summer of 2013 Suzanne auditioned for a music school called: Albeda Muzikant/Producer in Rotterdam and got in. At this school Suzanne learned how to write, record and perform music. In December 2014 Suzanne was a finalist in the competition: Music Maters Award Rotterdam. Suzanne graduated with her debut album MyStorieS. On the album you hear a diversity of many instruments: guitar, piano, harp, cello, violin, upright bass, drums and percussion.

Mysterious stories with a dreamy and theatrical theme and Celtic vibe.

On May 28th 2017 Suzanne released the album: MyStorieS. The release show took place in the Walhalla Theatre in Rotterdam and was an afternoon with: music, dance, stories, poetry and an art exposition. Suzanne released three music video's: Disappear, Creature In The Night and Better Dream On.

In august 2018 Suzanne decided, after working with a band for two years, to go solo.

In February 2020 Suzanne Sanders (together with backing vocalist Licia van Wijngaarden), released the new music video: High Tides. It is a melancholic acoustic song with guitar and vocals. High Tides is the first single of the upcoming album which will be released in 2021. 



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